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Fujifilm X-E3

Together with a macro lens (Fujinon XF 80mm f:2,8 R LM OIS Macro) Fujifilm launches the last camera that upgrades to the 24 Mpx sensor in Fuji’s camera line-up: the X-E3

Fujifilm X-E3 –

Jonas Rask Photography


The Verge



Sony A9

And the day has come. Sony’s speed “monster” hits the market next month. A9 sets new standards in the photo equipment industry.

Sony A9 –



Harry Benson: Shoot First



and more about Harry Benson

Harry Benson’s page



Cosina’s Voigtlander 35, 40 and 65mm lenses

At first looks like a series of lenses to compete with the E mount Carl Zeiss Loxia lenses. Seems that besides the more and more AF FE mount lenses there is still a demand for new manual focus lenses. Well, the more the merrier 😉

Welcome to Cosina’s

Voigtlander Classic Nokton 35mm f/1.4

Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical


Voigtlander APO-Macro Lanthar 65mm f/2 Asperical


Voigtlander Classic Nokton 35mm f/1.4 E-mount lens - imaging
Voigtlander Classic Nokton 35mm f/1.4 E-mount lens – imaging



Matt Day’s Youtube channel

As much as I like the previous mentioned Eduardo’s Youtube channel, I must say the same about Matt Day. You can find there a lot of useful videos, how-to’s, hands-on, reviews and thoughts about and connected with this great world we all like and live for, photography.

I live you with his last video.


World Press Photo of the year 2017

and the winner is :

by Burhan Ozbilici
by Burhan Ozbilici


More about the other winners at  The Atlantic  and on the home page World Press Photo


Canon EOS M6

Canon unveils the successor of the M3. Unfortunately it cames alone. No new EF-M lens is announced.

Canon EOS M6 -
Canon EOS M6 –



Bergger Pancro 400

A few days after Ferrania launched the P30, the french company, Bergger launches a new black and white film

Bergger Pancro -
Bergger Pancro –


Official Bergger internet page

Ferrania P30

the 80 ASA black and white film is being born again

Film Ferrania


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