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Pau Buscató

Along side In-public’s members a can not ignore Pau Buscató. He is a member of BurnMyEye photography colletive ( link: ) and I just couldn’t pass over his portfolio.

Enjoy! 😉

by Pau Buscató

Leica CL

and the Elmarit-TL 18mm F2.8 completes Leica’s L mount cameras lineup (the TL2 and the full frame SL). It takes the legendary CL name and comes in somewhat mixed design. Looks like an M combined with a TL. However, it comes at a Leica price of course 😉

Leica CL

Ihagee Elbaflex

Reflex I is not the only one. We’ll how the two will perform.

Ihagee Elbaflex –

Oficial site

the Phoblographer

Panasonic Lumix G9

together with the Leica DG 200mm f:2.o are Panasonic’s new launches .


As I already said on other platforms, seems that Panasonic makes cameras perfectly for what Sony offers with their own A9 and A7 camera series.



Reflex I

because film is not dead 😉

Reflex RM System with I-Mount and I-back – REFLEX I

More on the Kickstarter link

Sean Tucker

the YouTube channel of Sean Tucker offers simple and yet very good and effective ideas and tutorials. Try it 😉

and more at

Olympus Zuiko 17mm f:1,2 and 45mm f:1,2 lenses

Today seems to be a busy day. After Sony’s announcement here comes Olympus. The 25mm f:1,2 gets two brothers: the 17mm and the 45mm f:1,2. Of course they complete the Oly’s PRO lenses lineup.

Olympus Zuiko 17mm f:1,2 –




Sony A7 Riii

Richard the 3rd? … no, just the third generation A7R 🙂



Fujifilm X-E3

Together with a macro lens (Fujinon XF 80mm f:2,8 R LM OIS Macro) Fujifilm launches the last camera that upgrades to the 24 Mpx sensor in Fuji’s camera line-up: the X-E3

Fujifilm X-E3 –

Jonas Rask Photography


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