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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

by Ashley Gilbertson

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Ashley Gilbertson

Official site: Ashley Gilbertson


Discontinued products by Cosina

Bad news (at least what I today found out) from Cosina … besides no more Bessas,
no more:
NOKTON 35mm F1.2 Aspherical,
NOKTON 50mm F1.5 Asphrical Black/Silver,
ULTRA-WIDE HELIAR 12mm F5.6 Aspherical Black/Silver,
NOKTON 40mm F2 SL II N Aspherical EF,

or 35mm VIEW FINDER or any other finder or adapters

and MANY, many more



Laowa 7.5mm f:2.0 MFT lens

While today it can not be considered as a newly launched lens, the 7.5mm tiny lens by Laowa remains one of the best buys for the MFT system on the wide angle side. Small, very small and quite fast (f:2.0) the Laowa could complete any MFT user’s kit. 15mm equivalent on 135 format) FOV in such a small package is quite unique.

Here are some opinions about this tiny MFT wonder 😉

more on Y2B

review on

Pau Buscató

Along side In-public’s members a can not ignore Pau Buscató. He is a member of BurnMyEye photography colletive ( link: ) and I just couldn’t pass over his portfolio.

Enjoy! 😉

by Pau Buscató

Leica CL

and the Elmarit-TL 18mm F2.8 completes Leica’s L mount cameras lineup (the TL2 and the full frame SL). It takes the legendary CL name and comes in somewhat mixed design. Looks like an M combined with a TL. However, it comes at a Leica price of course 😉

Leica CL

Ihagee Elbaflex

Reflex I is not the only one. We’ll how the two will perform.

Ihagee Elbaflex –

Oficial site

the Phoblographer

Panasonic Lumix G9

together with the Leica DG 200mm f:2.o are Panasonic’s new launches .


As I already said on other platforms, seems that Panasonic makes cameras perfectly for what Sony offers with their own A9 and A7 camera series.



Reflex I

because film is not dead 😉

Reflex RM System with I-Mount and I-back – REFLEX I

More on the Kickstarter link

Sean Tucker

the YouTube channel of Sean Tucker offers simple and yet very good and effective ideas and tutorials. Try it 😉

and more at

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